Wednesday, March 08, 2006


As I walked into my room, it fikked my body with happiness like an angel trapped in the sky. The walls are covered in blue and the white ceiling looks like a huge cloud. The huge bouncey soft bed laying in the center of the room puts my soul at ease. The thick soft pillows laid at the foot of the bed. The blue carpet that resembled the walls, gave comfort to my tired feet. The white light from the ceiling, gave my room a sense of heaven. As I look over my left shoulder, I saw the white drawer with a mirror and pictures of angels smiling at me. To my right shoulder, I saw the white airconditioner that blew a fresh wind through my hair. Pictures on the walls reminded me of great people and times I have shared. Upon leaving my room, i can still smell the fresh air of a heavenly garden.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

sup ev'rybodee

WELCOME! diz be my page or blog or watever u call it. Jennifer is my name like jennifer lopez but i don't look like her(how sad). Okay, now i'm going to be serious. My name is Jennifer Aldan and i am a student at NMC. This is my assignment for english 84 & i am looking forward to hearing from you.